September 25, 2022

Can a car accident attorney fetch you a better settlement?

Close to 41,000 auto accidents were reported in Los Angeles in 2021. This may seem frightening, and while you should do all that takes to be safe behind the wheel, you need to know the laws in California to protect your right to recover compensation after an accident. California is a tort state, which means that the driver liable for your injuries is also liable for your losses and expenses related to the accident. While you can file a claim or lawsuit independently, hiring a car accident attorney in Los Angeles is advisable. Can an attorney help you get a higher settlement? Here’s an overview of the key aspects.

The role of personal injury attorneys

Let’s start by saying that personal injury attorneys don many hats for their clients. Following the car accident, your first step isn’t about filing a lawsuit but a claim with the at-fault party’s insurer. Your injury attorney should ideally come into the picture before you make the first move. A skilled attorney will do the following for you –  

Investigate the accident: Because the insurance company will do their investigation of the accident, you need to do what it takes to support your claim. Top lawyers have a team of experts, medical professionals, and other contacts who can gather critical information that can come in handy. It is common for PI lawyers to hire accident reconstruction experts to figure out how the accident happened.  

Prove liability & damages: Once the attorney has the crucial data, they will next determine who is responsible for your losses. This could be complicated, especially if there were multiple vehicles involved. They will identify the at-fault party and prove that their negligence was responsible for your injuries and subsequent losses. The lawyer will determine the worth of your claim and depending on the situation; you could claim both economic and non-economic damages.

Deal with the insurance company: Following the previous step, the attorney will file a demand letter outlining the facts and mentioning the amount you can expect as the final settlement. The insurance company will review that letter and start the negotiation process, which can take time, depending on the claim. Your lawyer will negotiate and discuss the settlement, ensuring that you don’t settle for less.

Hiring a lawyer may not guarantee an exact compensation amount, but they can certainly protect you from insurance tactics. If required, they can even initiate a lawsuit.