September 25, 2022

Are you getting divorced in Ohio? Here’s what you need to know!

Divorce is one of the most dreaded words in marriage. In the US, about 50% of marriages end up in a divorce. It is so common that people make legal preparations for a possible divorce before getting married. 

If you’ve been worrying about the legal hassles, then a Columbus divorce attorney can help. 

Let’s find out more details!

What are the legal grounds available in Ohio to get a divorce?

You can apply for divorce under the fault or no-fault category. 

In the case of fault-based divorce appeal, you will have to prove that your spouse comes under one of the grounds for fault-based appeals. 

Some of these are habitual drunkenness, gross neglect of duty, extreme cruelty, willful absence for more than one year, etc. 

A no-fault divorce is another option for couples filing for separation. Before applying for this type of divorce, couples have to live separately for at least one year. You may also file a divorce due to incompatibility. But in this case, both spouses have to agree that they are incompatible to move forward with the case.

Different ways to approach a divorce case

Often the judge decides whether the case can go forward via mediation or as litigation. In the case of mediation, a neutral third party will try to resolve the issues between the couples. If mediation fails, the court grants a divorce. 

Another option available is marriage counseling. Here, the court assigns a  marriage counselor who tries to help the couples sort out the marriage and see if there is any chance to prevent the divorce. 

However, in the case of fault-based divorce, litigation is the way forward. Fraud is one of the most serious grounds for divorce in this category. Here, the contesting spouse has to give evidence for willful fraud by the other. The opposing spouse will have to prove it otherwise to win the case. 

Why choose mediation over contestation?

Besides the high cost involved in litigation, entry of court to divorce takes away lots of decision-making power from the couple.

What is the role of divorce attorneys?

In the case of contested divorces, there can be many unagreeable terms between the couples. A divorce attorney plays a significant role throughout the divorce process in such a scenario. 

In the case of uncontested divorces, both parties have agreed on a divorce and other complications. But, they will need the help of an attorney to sort out the division of property, custody of children, and so many other arrangements. 

So, don’t hold back, and can contact the best divorce lawyers in Columbus to fight your case.