September 23, 2023

What Happens If a Leased Car Gets Into Accident in Queens, NY?

The procedure for submitting an insurance claim or seeking damages can appear challenging when your rented car is involved in a collision in New York. In addition to the two drivers and their insurance companies, the leasing company is also a party to the collision. Following the crash, you should stay vigilant about your rights.

Leased cars are frequently more recent and valuable than other cars on the road. The leasing company could want to look into what happened if you have an accident, regardless of how minor it is or if you total a leased vehicle. The business might also make a claim for damages against the other driver who was involved in the automobile lease collision.

Rule And Regulations in New York 

Any vehicle in New York, including rented ones, must have the required minimum insurance coverage. The following items are included under such coverage, as outlined by the New York Department of Financial Services (DFS):

  • No-fault benefits. Regardless of who caused the incident, the no-fault policy, sometimes referred to as personal injury protection coverage, pays for medical costs, lost earnings, and other expenses.
  • Insurance against liability. If you are found to have been irresponsible in causing the crash, liability protection covers the costs for others.
  • Protecting uninsured drivers. Lastly, uninsured motorist coverage, as its name implies, entitles you to compensation if you are injured by a driver who lacks insurance or leaves the scene of the accident.

How to pay for damages and costs after a leased car accident?

Collecting compensation after a leased car crash is relatively similar to receiving compensation after a collision involving an owned car once you confirm your leasing company’s standards. You may pursue compensation for your damages by:

  • No-fault advantages
  • Benefits for uninsured drivers
  • A lawsuit for personal harm

Is it Worth Filing a Lawsuit?

Your no-fault coverage in New York will only offer minimal reimbursement for your costs, such as medical expenses. Any further costs necessitate a lawsuit. No-fault policies do not cover pain and suffering. You may also file a claim if you believe the insurance provider is underpaying you.

Whether you’re a driver or passenger injured in a car accident, you may benefit from consulting an NYC car accident lawyer. Their mission is to ensure that you understand your rights and receive the just compensation you deserve. 

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