August 17, 2022

Settling a Personal Injury Claim Before Trial: How This Benefits Both Parties

Following an unexpected injury, you may be left shocked and frustrated, wondering about your legal options. Ambulance care, medical bills, and hospital stays can lead to serious financial strain on you while you still worry about time missed from work. Typically, insurers work to reduce an injury claim’s value, leaving you in a tough position. Working with a skilled New Hampshire injury lawyer can help you sort through the personal injury claims process. If you have been in an accident where you sustained injuries, there is a good chance that you gain a favorable settlement if you have an attorney on your side. 

How You Can Get a Settlement

Settling your personal injury claim is cheaper, less risky, and faster. Once you and the other party agree, you settle into a written agreement that outlines the terms you agreed upon. Your written agreement will often include the following:

  • Payment terms. You and the other party will agree on the value of your damage and how it must be paid. For instance, the payment can be a lump sum paid to you. The agreement must specify the reason the damages are being paid.
  • Claims release. A portion of the agreement must release any claims that you have against the other party. There should be a statement that states the release is made in consideration of the damages the insurance company paid.

How Settling Your Claim Can Benefit You

You must consider a settlement as a tool that can be used for letting each party compromise a bit while ending up with a fair resolution. Although you might not receive the maximum amount you desired, you will still get a fair deal. Often, a settlement can already take care of the major expenses you will incur because of the accident, your legal fees, and certain intangible losses you sustained. However, the settlement offer’s value depends partly on your attorney’s negotiation skills and the types of losses that can be proven through evidence. Ideally, the settlement will cover your medical bills, long-term health care, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other damages. Generally, you will get higher compensation than want you can get when your case goes to trial. An experienced personal injury lawyer can place a value on your case that they can back up with evidence. Also, a settlement usually moves faster than a trial. Insurance providers are not often motivated to expedite matters when an injury case gets to court. 

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